Ski Trip – Travel Day

Today is the day I’ve been anticipating for…well, years. I’ve wanted to go snow skiing in Colorado for quite some time and haven’t found a good time and in the last couple years I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding. This week we’ll be in Keystone, Colorado with Caleb’s brothers and his mom for a short week of skiing. I wish I was a little more excited but Jude and I have a little cold. Yuck! Our pediatrician has assured me it’s okay to go but I’m still a little nervous. I’ve been lucky enough (well, I’ve actually worked really hard to prevent it) to not have a sick baby at all this winter. Jude started with just a stuffy/runny nose and a slight temp on Friday. He also had some increased drainage and was pulling at his ear so we took a trip to our pediatrician on Friday afternoon. He told us Jude had increased fluid behind his ear drum and was on the edge for treating it and gave us a rx to fill if things got worse. Jude will be taking his first airplane ride which our Dr. said might be a little more painful for him due to his already increased pressure. We have tylenol and motrin on hand. This morning he started coughing and his congestion is a little deeper. It kind of freaked me out to hear. I have a very skewed view of common childhood illnesses I’m sure due to my job. I’m trying to not be so nervous and anxious but it’s a little difficult. I’ve already emailed the Dr. and he said it sounds like a common cold and to continue to hold off on filling the rx and it should still be okay to take the trip. We have the greatest pediatrician. How awesome is it to have constant access to your Dr. via email.

So, I’m preparing myself for the 2-hr flight with a sick baby. I’d like to make a mass announcement to all the other passengers that I’m so sorry for the potentially loud and fussy baby they will be so lucky to make their journey to Denver. Colorado with. I never imagined I’d have “that child.” Who knows, maybe he’ll be the most well-behaved baby the other passengers have ever traveled with. Let’s hope so! Caleb loaded some Sesame Street on my computer (Jude doesn’t ever watch TV so it will be a nice treat) and we have lots of books, toys and snacks to occupy our time.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to take this vacation with our family. My wonderful mother-in-law is joining us to watch Jude while we ski. It’s the best of everything. I get to take a vacation, with my family, and have a great babysitter for when I’m enjoying myself on the slopes. I hope to be posting pics of our fabulous vacation and a happy, healthy baby in the next few days!

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