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Mother’s Day & Jude’s Update

Oh my, so much has happened since I last blogged that I don’t even know where to start to get things up-to-date. We’ve celebrated 2 holidays for the first time as a family of 3 since I last updated, Easter and Mother’s Day. Well, 6 if you count St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Earth Day, & Cinco de Mayo, but we don’t REALLY celebrate these. Jude turned 11 months today, has been walking for the past month, and decided he’s much too big to be breastfeeding anymore. I’ve been doing a little more cooking, although not  keeping up with weekly recipes. Like most things in my life, I’ll be very committed and zealous for a couple weeks and then quit, lacking motivation for a few weeks. This week, I’ve made an Apple & Pear Cobbler and Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies. Last week I made homemade potato salad  for the first time (pathetic I know but I’m not a big fan of it to begin with) and Angel Lush Cupcakes. I feel like all I’ve been done the past couple weeks is cook, feed meals, and clean the kitchen.

In the interest of time (it’s already 1115 pm) and my attention span, I’ll start with a Mother’s Day and 11 month Jude update for this post and hopefully get around to updating everything else in the days to come.

Mother’s Day was great! I never thought I could love a holiday even close to as much as I treasure Christmas but Mother’s Day is shaping up to be my next favorite time of the year. It’s not that I want to be recognized or have gifts lavished upon me, it was just great to reflect back upon the year and the precious gift it is to be a mother to a healthy, happy child. There are so many women who are desperate to love and care for a child of their own and are not able to. I don’t take for granted for one second the gift of each breath my little baby takes. Once again, my job has made my perspective a little skewed but we could all be a little more grateful for the gifts we’ve been given. Even though this has been a fabulous first year as a mom, it has been a challenge for sure. I compare this first year as a parent to my first year as a wife. During our first year of marriage it was a challenge making adjustments to sharing the same living space and not making all decisions in my own interest. I was a little more prepared for the adjustment to parenthood but it wore me out and brought more obstacles than I expected. But, after we made adjustments in our first year of marriage the rest have been fabulous and I’m starting to feel the difficulties ease up a little as a parent. We’re honestly having a blast with Jude. He’s so active and happy…we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect little boy!

blessed to be a mommy

mom & jude on mother's day

Jude has been one busy little boy. He started taking a few steps on his own when he first turned 10 months old. He seemed a little scared to learn a new skill for the first time ever. We had to convince him to give it a try. Then he started to take a few steps on his own here and there from one piece of furniture to another. And then he just went for it. He’s been working on keeping his balance for the last couple weeks. I can confidently say he’s walking now but if he’s in a big hurry, he knows crawling is still much more efficient and plops down to get somewhere quickly. Daddy chases him and when he’s trying to get away, he usually crawls because he can get away faster. He’s climbing on furniture and has no fear at all. He’ll just dive right off if you’re not watching. He climbs stairs but still hasn’t quite figured out he can’t just turn around and start in the other direction. In the last couple days I’ve been really working hard to start teaching him to clean up his messes (they’re everywhere!). He can quickly destroy the house. It takes a little bit of coaching but he learns so quickly. He’s great at putting things back in the container where they go, he just gets a little distracted by what’s left in the container and wants to start taking things out again. As far as talking goes, I’ve been a little concerned but probably unreasonably so. He hasn’t yet identified objects and said what they are but he’ll mimic many things we say. It’s so cute to listen to him try to moo like a cow or bark like a dog. The pacifier is his best friend so we’re trying to limit it to his bed, car seat, and while we’re out. He has 6 teeth now and is maybe even getting a couple more. With the addition of his last 2 on top, he got ANOTHER cold. Maybe they’re not really colds, but he gets a cough, runny nose, and a low-grade temp. With each new addition of teeth, he’s gotten a cold. These are the only times he’s been sick. At 10 months, Jude decided he no longer needed his mommy and refused to nurse anymore. I was a mess for a week trying to come up with all the reasons he was not eating. For the first 24 hours he wouldn’t even take a bottle. He was getting teeth, had a cold, he had gotten his feelings hurt a couple times when he had bitten me and I scolded him, and I came up with many other reasons he might have not wanted to eat. But, after consulting my much more experienced breastfeeding friends, they convinced me it was probably a positive transition, although difficult, and he was weaning himself. I never really thought of breastfeeding as a bonding thing for me but it must have been knowing the emotional distress I went through that week. It’s nice to be needed and to be the only one who can fulfill the need for your child. But, all children must grow up and so I let Jude grow up. I might have been able to get him to start nursing again but I decided it was a good time to stop if he was ready. I’m pumping and giving him bottles of breast milk until he turns one because that’s how long the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children get breast milk for optimum nutrition. Not that I condemn anyone who uses formula but I will be very proud to make it to my child’s one year birthday and have never had to give him an ounce of formula. Jude also had an allergic reaction to shrimp this past week. Our pediatrician is of the opinion that no food is off limits to try so we’re working our way through introducing Jude to many new foods. We tried shrimp for the first time and he loved it. We put him to bed that night and he woke up at 1am upset. I just happened to notice when I was making him a bottle that his face was swollen and red. He had a rash on his face, arms, and torso. So, no more shrimp for Jude.

shrimp rash in the middle of the night


** I never finished this post. I can imagine because it was getting so long. But I wanted to post it just so I’d have the update to look back on later. Posted August 11, written May 11.

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