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Summer is Over :(

Today marks the first day of Autumn. And I like Autumn. But I’m sad to see summer go. I had such fun this summer. Jude was very mobile and interested in lots of activities, especially being outside. In order to bring a close to Jude’s first summer and move into Autumn with joy and anticipation, I will attempt to review all the great times we’ve had in the last 3 months.

On June 12 we celebrated Jude’s first birthday. It was a great day with our family and closest friends.



On June 26-29 we traveled to Florida to visit my grandparents. I forgot to write about this but it was a fabulous time! Our favorite day included a boat ride to a private little beach where we set the anchor and swam and played in the sand. It was the perfect vacation idea for a toddler. Jude even fell asleep on the boat ride back to the house, almost totally unheard of for my active little guy.



In July and August we spent many days outside in our yard, at the Bachman’s pool, and playing at the park in Savannah. I will definitely miss all these great activities. And I’m sure Jude will too.




Caleb participated in the Warrior Dash in KC on July 31 and Jude and I enjoyed watching him get really dirty.



We planted a garden this year. I could write about garden woes for hours but in short…we planted too big, got tired of weeding, and didn’t do a great job of harvesting at the right times and figuring out how to preserve our plenty. But we enjoyed planting and some of the vegetables we harvested. Jude loves to pick things off the vines, even if they’re not quite ripe. We’re still getting raspberries and we make a daily trip to the patch for Jude to enjoy. It’s so cute to see his eyes light up when he sees red raspberries on the vine to pick. He’s not the best at sharing the raspberries though.



To end the summer, we took lots of trips to the orchard to pick peaches. They were delicious. I can still taste them!



Our last exciting event this summer was the addition of a new family member. Jude’s first cousin, Mercy Regina Zahnd, was born on August 27. We’re excited for all the great times Jude and Mercy will have together in the years to come.


So there you have it. Our wonderful summer in review. It really was a great season. We fully enjoyed the outdoors, our family, and every moment together. I’m looking forward to a great Fall season ahead.

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