Jude is 20 Months…

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and communicating like a pro. His big milestone since I’ve last blogged is talking, talking, and more talking. He started to talk a few months ago and I can truly say he’s learning new words every day. I tried to keep a running list of all his words when he first started talking but it got very overwhelming quickly. I could never keep my list up to date and I felt like I was always missing some. At his 18 month check-up I told our pediatrician he frequently used over 50 words and I think he thought I was one of those crazy moms who thinks their child is talking when really they’re just babbling. But really, he’s a talker. I bet his vocabulary includes 100-150 words these days. Today he was using the word “guacamole.” Where has my little baby gone? Some of my favorite things he says are, “I love you” and “I sit down” and “get the towel.” He definitely wants to make sure you understand what he wants.

We’ve celebrated a couple holidays since my last post, Halloween and Christmas. Christmas deserves it’s own entry but in short was wonderful. I was somehow lucky enough to get the holiday off when it was my scheduled holiday to work this year. Halloween isn’t a big deal in our house. I’m sure it will be much more fun when Jude is into trick-or-treating and likes candy. This year, we dressed him as a farmer and visited his grandparents. He wasn’t too excited about the costume and I actually chose something pretty similar to just an everyday outfit. He loved animals and tractors at the time so I thought it was a fitting Halloween costume choice.

In the last month we’ve just been trying to get back to normal. I know, it should be easy enough but seems to have taken a while. He has had chronic diarrhea since a year old so we’ve done a lot of testing and procedures only to find no real reason why. Since he’s so little we’ve also been trying to get him to eat and pack on the pounds. It has been a challenge but he’s at least looking healthy!

Once again, I end my blog with how wonderful it is being a mother to this wonderful little boy. He is perfect and I would take a handful just like him. I’m looking forward to all the wonderful holidays and milestones we get to enjoy together in the years to come.

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