Holidays, Jude

Valentine’s Day 2011 & Snow Day

Jude and I spent our Valentine’s Day playing in the snow, if you can really call it that. It was the first sizable snow this winter. Only 1.5 inches but we were happy to have it. Jude and I were both getting over a cold but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to play in the snow, especially not knowing if we were going to get another good snow this season. I bundled Jude up in about 3 layers of clothes which was the first meltdown creator of the day. Then we headed outside where he had a hard time moving in all the clothes and then kept getting snow packed on the bottom of his shoes so he couldn’t walk. I built a snowman and tried to get him interested but things spiraled downhill quickly. I ended up putting him inside and making several trips back to the snowman to finish him up. The pictures explain it all.




We ended the day on a much happier note and made cookies. Jude’s great at stirring but icing and sprinkles are still a little advanced. Well, that is when I don’t want to just turn him loose to smear icing and throw sprinkles everywhere. I got Jude a balloon and some gummies(his favorite) and Caleb bought me a dozen red roses and CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES(my favorite). It was another fun holiday with my two favorite boys!


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