Holidays, Jude

Jude is 2!

I can hardly believe that 2 years have past since that warm day in June when we gave birth to a little red-headed spunky baby boy. Most definitely one of the best days of my life and my how things have changed since. Although parenting has definitely been challenging at times, and I’m sure it will only bring more challenges as he grows, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I take my role as a mother very seriously and know that I’m shaping a precious little life. And boy is he precious. Jude is kind, loving, energetic, and just perfect if you really want to know the truth. Ha! I feel very lucky to be his mommy!

Jude’s second birthday was a great time had by all and I hope to remember it for many years to come. And since I’m often sleep-deprived and tired my memory isn’t the best so I’ll recount the day here so I can relive it for years to come. I must thank my family for all their help in making the day great and I can say once again this year that without their help I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it all. My little sis, Hailey, was the best and helped me the entire day with whatever I asked of her. I am forever grateful for such a great sister! My dad prepared the meat after having surgery just a few days prior and my mom spent many hours shopping and cooking for the meal. And my mother-in-law also helped warm and deliver the food to the party. Thank you, thank you everyone!

Caleb was out of town on a 3-day running adventure the weekend before Jude’s birthday this year (I must catch up my blog with the happenings of Caleb’s running career soon) so I decided to take the weekend off and also participate in our neighborhood garage sale that weekend. Not the greatest idea for someone in their last trimester of pregnancy to pack so much labor-intensive work into one weekend with a toddler to help but I took it on anyway. I thought I was well-prepared before the sale on Saturday and had most of the work done for the party except to finish the cake and tie a few loose ends together. It took much longer to cook all the layers of the cake than I expected which left all the decorating for Monday, the day of the party. I ended up staying up past midnight on both Saturday and Sunday nights cooking the cake and getting the food ready for the party. When Monday morning rolled around I was already exhausted. Hailey came over about 7am and the work began. The main task for the day was preparing the cake. I chose to ice the cake with buttercream this year instead of fondant because it tastes so much better. But my lack of skill and perfectionism got the best of me and I spent the day frustrated that I couldn’t make it look smooth and flawless.  After much sweat and a few tears were shed, I finally completed the cake. Definitely looks homemade but tasted delicious if I do say so myself.

We had a train-themed party, one of Jude’s favorite things these days. I made centerpieces, a banner, and some cute little candy favors. Caleb did all the graphics work and my wonderful family helped assemble everything.

The park was a great venue for the party. It was a beautiful (and windy) evening. Jude spent a lot of time running around with his grandparents swinging and getting dirty. He enjoyed the food, probably because I had neglected him most of the day for party prep. Ha! We served smoked meat, beans, mac & cheese, pasta salad, veggies, watermelon, and chips. And of course, cake and ice cream for dessert.


Jude was much more interested in gifts this year and like most kids found it odd that he couldn’t open every box and begin playing with his new toys but had to continue opening. We’ve slowly been opening them all and he’s enjoying them all.


Here are a couple pics of Jude while we sang happy birthday and blowing out the candles. He loved it when everyone was looking at him and singing his name!


Happy 2nd Birthday Jude Andrew Zahnd!

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