Welcome Finn Hardy Zahnd

On Tuesday, August 28 we welcomed into our family a precious baby boy, Finn Hardy Zahnd. He weighed 8lbs and was 20.5in long.

The labor/delivery story:
I spent the day on Monday of August 27 cleaning house. That evening I started to feel like I was leaking amniotic fluid. I waited a while to be sure I wasn’t just peeing my pants. It continued for about an hour intermittently and then became bloody before I decided to call the nurse on call. She advised me to go to the OB unit to be checked to see if my water was breaking.

We went in about 8pm and I was observed for an hour to see if I would dilate after the test for amniotic fluid was negative. Before I left they decided to do an ultrasound to check my fluid level and found it to be very low. I was then admitted and started on pitocin for induction. Caleb and I were both exhausted from the day and were hoping to be able to go home but instead it was a repeat scenario of Jude’s induction.

Everything got started around 10pm and we turned out the lights to try and get a little rest. I tried really hard to let Caleb sleep and I think I did a much better job this time around than last. The pitocin made the contractions a lot more regular and they increased in intensity much more slowly than the induction medication I received with Jude. I never really slept but did relax a little. I decided before I went in this time that I wasn’t going to try to be superwoman and go without drugs just to fail in the end but take the epidural and hope for an easy labor. I was much too tired from the month before to not take the easy way out. I received the epidural in the middle of the night and got about an hour of rest after it.

Once during the night when I turned to my left side the nurse came rushing in because the baby’s heart rate had dropped with a contraction. It seemed to resolve and didn’t happen again until 6am. I was dilated to 4cm at this point and thought I’d be in for a long day of labor. But, his heart rate began to drop significantly with every contraction despite all their interventions (oxygen, turning, instilling more fluid to give him some cushion from the contractions, turning off the pitocin). This went on for about 15 minutes until the Dr. came in and said she wasn’t going to tolerate such big drops in his heart rate with every contraction. She checked and I had already dilated to 7cm. She asked me to push a couple times and I was immediately at 10cm. So, it was time to push. They turned off all my good drugs and threatened to do a c-section so I pushed and pushed and pushed. It didn’t take but a few pushes and Finn joined us at 7:22am.

It was a little scary and very quick. Jude’s delivery was much the same. The Dr. sent my placenta for testing because it was extremely calcified which happens a little bit when the baby goes past the due date but mine was so bad she thought it may have been from the stress of last month and could have been what made him not tolerate the intense contractions. With both boys I was begging to not be induced and it turned out to be very necessary. I guess I’ll listen to the advice of the trained professionals in the future.

first smiles

Finn is almost 5 weeks old now and we love him so much! He loves to eat and is growing fast. He was 9lbs 1 oz at his 2 week appointment and I’m sure he’s much bigger now. Sleep is hard to come by these days so I’m a little (or a lot Caleb may say) crazy and forgetful these days but I’m trying to remember this too shall pass. I’m trying to enjoy every moment because I know it will all be over and he’ll be a toddler before I know it. He started smiling at 4 weeks and he has the most precious little smile. It makes all the sleepless nights well worth it. Jude loves his little brother and is very protective of him. He gives him kisses, is very gentle with him, shares his toys and always makes sure the baby is coming when we’re going somewhere. I think he may have a little jealousy, especially at bedtime and nap times when I can’t read to him and rock him to sleep like we always did before. But for the most part he’s doing a great job sharing mommy and daddy. I think he has so much more energy than before so he’s just got too many things to do and explore to be worried about the baby. Jude has become very attached to all his grandmas and grandpas since coming out of the hospital and Finn being born. I’m sure he’s loving being spoiled and the center of their worlds. Our summer has been crazy and challenging but has turned out wonderful in the end. We are looking forward to making many memories together with our two precious little boys!

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