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Five for Finn

sitting up

Our little baby is five months old already. The days sure are flying by, now more so than ever. We’re busy doing life with our two precious little guys and loving most every minute of it. It’s exhausting but so wonderful to see them growing and developing.

Finn is a handful just like his big brother was as a baby but he’s so happy and a joy to have in our family. He’s the most ticklish and giggly baby I’ve ever met. He’s most ticklish on his belly and under his arms but also his little feet. You can make him laugh by just smiling and giggling at him. He rolled over from his back to belly and started sitting up, both on the same day. He has despised tummy time so it has taken him a while to start rolling over. He still has only done it a few times because he would much rather practice sitting up. Just like his big brother, he’s in a hurry to get bigger and start moving.

We’ve celebrated a few holidays with our little guy already. Our favorite of course, was Christmas. It will someday receive a post of its own. But in short, Finn has been welcomed into our family with open arms. He received more baby toys than he’ll ever be able to play with. Christmas lasted for many long and exhausting days and was a little rough on little Finn but next year I’m sure he’ll get right in there with his big brother and love it all.

I’m still amazed I’m the mommy of two little boys. We love them so much and are forever grateful that we get to be their parents. As Finn has transitioned from a newborn into a baby and has started to become a little more independent, life is getting a little easier and normal. I can see so many fun times ahead with the boys…exploring outside, singing and dancing, and learning about the world around us. I can’t wait for the boys to play together and each have a little buddy to share their childhood with.



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