11 Reasons Why I Need to Blog More

1. I have a horrible memory and need a place to record the precious memories of my life.

2. I absolutely love looking back on posts I’ve written in the past. It’s like reliving those wonderful moments all over again.

3. I have adorable children. I bet other people would like to see and read about all the cute things they do and say.

4. My husband spent a lot of time developing this nice website for me. I should use it. I think it would make him happy.

5. My computer, photos, and tech life in general are a mess. I blame it on my husband for taking care of it all for me so now I have no idea how to do anything on my own. I think this will force me to learn.

6. I like staying up late at night and I could use something a little more productive to do with my time than surf facebook. I’d like to clean and organize my house then but I’m just too tired to do that.

7. It helps people process their thoughts and feelings, right? I may need to work on that.

8. There are complete strangers that have really helped me by reading their blogs. Maybe I can help someone.

9. It’s one of my many goals for 2014. The year is halfway over and it’s about time I get started.

10. I think it may make me smarter. Reading and writing are somewhat difficult for me. This will exercise my brain.

11. It might just motivate me to set some goals and stick to them? Okay, this is getting a little far-fetched now. I better just start. I’m not making any commitments though. At least not in writing. Here we go…

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