Girls Trip – April 2014

I went to the Bahamas! And it was wonderful! I still can’t believe it. I must write this blog entry because it already seems like so long ago. But I have some beautiful photos to remind me of the perfect weather, relaxing days and wonderful memories I made. I had the pleasure of traveling with my grandma, mom and sister. We went on a 3-day trip to the Bahamas to celebrate the end of my mom’s cancer treatment and celebrated with plenty of food, relaxation and fun in the sun. I’m ready to go back just thinking about it now.

Travel Log:
We arrived in Miami on Thursday afternoon. I’m pretty sure there was a nap that took place but it’s hard to remember because there were so many that occurred throughout the trip. We went out for an amazing thai meal that night. It was the best thai I’ve ever had at a little local restaurant. We arrived a day early to be sure we didn’t miss our ship the next day so we had lots of time to relax and move slowly. We slept in the next morning, did a little shopping and had lunch before making our way to our ship, the Norwegian Sky. We left the Port of Miami in the late afternoon and were on our way to the Bahamas!

On the first night, we ate at a nice Italian restaurant on the ship. We enjoyed dinner by the window as the sun set in the background. Sounds perfect, huh?

Girls at Dinner

Everyone at Dinner


We then traveled through the night to our first destination. Hailey and I shared a cabin and we decided to leave the door to our balcony open to listen to the waves as we slept. We were rudely awakened “early” the next morning by seagulls swarming our ship. Hailey and I were the perfect roomies because she’s a teenager and I’m a mom who’s very sleep-deprived. So we napped every afternoon, stayed up late and slept in every morning. It was wonderful! I’m pretty sure mom and grandma woke us up the next morning ready to go. We went to breakfast on the ship and made our way to the tender boats that took us to the private Norwegian Cruise Line island.

Me & Hailey

Me & Hailey on the tender boat


On the island, mom and grandma had purchased a private cabana and it was such a luxury. It was so hot in the sun and our white skin was burnt in minutes so the cabana was a great place to relax in the shade. They supplied us with appetizers, water, mats for swimming and even brought us our drinks. On this day, we snorkeled and all swam in the ocean. Hailey and I played with the kids on a giant water slide. The rules were definitely more relaxed here..I plowed into a little kid. Oops. This was probably my favorite day. We just spent time together relaxing and enjoying the sun and water.

Just like all other afternoons/evenings, we all enjoyed a nap, another great dinner meal on the ship and time together. We played a few games of pitch at a little bar/lounge on the boat which was great fun too. The second day we spent in Nassau. Here we did the customary tourist shopping and lounged on the beach a little more until Hailey was too sunburnt to stay out any longer. We ended our day with an afternoon meal at Senor Frogs.

We finished the trip with another great dinner that night, more pitch and my favorite, ice cream on the deck!

Wow! I love these ladies and am so glad we got to share these beautiful days together. Thanks mom for planning such a great trip and for beating cancer like it was no big thing! Thanks grandma for making it happen! And Hailey, I loved being your roomie and hanging out! Let’s do it again soon!

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