Fall Family Fun

Oh my, summer is over and I haven’t made a single post. It was a great one too! And fall is going to be gone soon too. Really, if I’m honest with myself I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging since our precious Finn was born 2 YEARS AGO! It does seem like our life went crazy 2 years ago when Jude had surgery and Finn was born immediately after. And I’ve never really caught up. I’m treading water just to keep my head above it. Every once in awhile I feel like I’m getting control and catching up and it doesn’t take long to go back to treading water again. I’m pretty sure this is just how life will be, especially now that we’re expecting another little one. But as I look back on past blog posts I’ve written, they are so precious to me. I feel like in all the craziness of life with kids I’ve forgotten many of the beautiful memories I’ve made with my family. And writing a blog about them allows my memory to be refreshed and to once again experience the wonderful times I work so hard to create with my kids. So I must, I really must make recording our life together a priority. No matter how much sleep I lose to do it. I will thank myself later, I’m sure of it.

To start with, I’ll share my cute little KC Royals baseball player (Jude – 4 years) and Dinosaur (Finn – 2 years). We started our halloween trick-or-treating with Jude’s UCP preschool class at American Family. I can’t even begin to describe how much candy and “stuff” the boys received. We had dinner at my family’s house in the evening and then I took them to Ashland to experience trick-or-treating. It was late and I didn’t feel well but Jude really wanted to and remembered when I mustered up the last bit of energy I had last year on halloween to take him so I thought making a fun memory together was more important than my comfort. And it was worth it. They both loved it and it didn’t take long for them to have had enough and be ready to go home. It was very tiring carrying Finn much of the way. He couldn’t seem to stay focused enough to walk more than about 10 steps so I carried him to the end of each sidewalk. They both were very friendly in saying “trick-or-treat” and “thank you.” I was a proud mom.

I also took the boys to our local orchard a few weekends ago. We rode a tractor to their field where we picked these little pumpkins that we later painted. I chose a couple carving pumpkins at the counter that we took home also. Daddy made a special one with lights while Jude chose to carve his the traditional way with triangle eyes and nose and missing teeth. For the second year in a row Jude wouldn’t put his hands inside the pumpkins to remove all the yucky stuff. Finn and I had a great time getting messy though.

At the Orchard


Painting and Carving






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