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April 2015

Baby, Evey

Birth of a Beauty

I have endured the hardest of all 3 pregnancies and the craziest of all 3 labors to bring into the world the most beautiful baby girl ever born. Evey Merie Zahnd was born on March 19, 2015. She was a dainty little one at only 6lbs 12oz but the longest of all our children at just 20in. She’s almost 6 weeks now and we all love her so much.  ...

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Finn, Jude

Creative Play

There’s something about playing in their underwear that makes my children entertain themselves for long periods and with greater creativity. They’re usually involved in something they shouldn’t be or that which might be considered dangerous. These activities only happen when my husband is at work and I’m sure we”ll all  ...

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