Baby, Evey

Birth of a Beauty

I have endured the hardest of all 3 pregnancies and the craziest of all 3 labors to bring into the world the most beautiful baby girl ever born. Evey Merie Zahnd was born on March 19, 2015. She was a dainty little one at only 6lbs 12oz but the longest of all our children at just 20in. She’s almost 6 weeks now and we all love her so much. She isn’t an easy baby just like her brothers, but this has still been the easiest transition yet. Probably because we already live in an environment of chaos and know that each phase of childhood is very short. So why stress about the difficult phases that pass all too quickly. I shall attempt to recall the story of her entry into this world in the paragraphs to come.

Unlike my other pregnancies, I started having contractions in my second trimester this time around. I had never had a contraction with the boys that wasn’t prompted by medications given to start my labor after my due date. The week of her due date my contractions changed a little and became more like cramping than just tightening. When I went to see the nurse practitioner who was covering for my doctor on the Wednesday before I was due she “stripped my membranes.” My contractions began to intensify a little a few hours after I left her office. In the evening they were becoming more consistent and slightly painful at times. I told my MIL about the progress so she decided she wanted to take the boys for the night so she wasn’t awakened in the middle of the night. I thought nothing would really happen that night but would take the opportunity to sleep all night uninterrupted any time. As I got into bed at 10pm that night I just couldn’t fall asleep. I decided to begin timing my contractions and I laid there timing them at 3-5 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds for over 2 hours. During this time I began texting a friend at work and eventually told her to set up a room for me because they were getting more frequent and painful. I was apprehensive about going in because although they were consistent I was able to lay still in bed through them. As I took a shower and we headed to the hospital they quickly became more intense and by the time I checked in at 115am I was having trouble getting through each one without encouragement and frequent position changes. When I arrived I was only dilated to 3cm and a little discouraged but thought at least I was there in time to get an epidural. Things progressed very quickly and I was admitted  at 5cm just 15 minutes later and by the time they got my IV in at around 2am I was dilated to 9cm and preparing to push. Miss Evey was born at 226am after a few pushes and just a little over an hour after we arrived at the hospital. It was a crazy and intense hour and I’m not totally proud of how I handled it but it was just an hour, right? Looking back, it’s the best way to have a baby if only I was a little more prepared for it to go that way. I sure was hoping for that epidural but there just wasn’t any time. We spent just 24hrs in the hospital with Evey and she ate and slept better than I ever could have imagined. She did perk up a little after those first 24hrs and she can be pretty fussy now but she still eats like a champ. She’s weighing about 9.5lbs now at almost 6 weeks. I’m enjoying every smile, every little coo and all the snuggles. Caleb tells me she’s our last but I’m not sure I can stop now when all of our children are so absolutely perfect and adorable.


Oh, and the craziest thing happened, we got a baby with a full head of hair just like the sonogram tech told us we would. After 2 almost completely bald babies, we couldn’t believe it until we saw it with our own eyes. I guess I should have guessed by the heartburn I endured during this pregnancy.



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