Finn, Jude

Creative Play

There’s something about playing in their underwear that makes my children entertain themselves for long periods and with greater creativity. They’re usually involved in something they shouldn’t be or that which might be considered dangerous. These activities only happen when my husband is at work and I’m sure we”ll all be scolded after this post (and maybe we should be) but my children are learning to play alone without me and maybe more importantly, learning to play together. So I think we all need more mornings playing in our underwear, climbing on things and just being outside!

Finn playing outside in his underwear

Finn playing outside in his underwear





Jude playing outside in his PJs













I later saved Jude because he was stuck on top of the swing and also heard the swing being pulled across the porch after the rope was secured to the tree halfway across the yard. I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish but I refused to be of any assistance when their plan failed and they had to come up with an alternative.

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