I am Ashlie Zahnd, 29 years old, honest and caring. I became Ashlie Zahnd on January 1, 2005 when I married my best friend Caleb. We live in St. Joseph, MO in the area where we both grew up. Caleb and I did some crazy things and made many lasting memories in our first 5 years together. We then welcomed to our family our first son in June of 2010. Jude is a kind, happy and busy little boy. He overcame cancer when he was just two years old and seems to have somehow gained perspective on what really matters. Jude loves his friends and family and really enjoys all he experiences in life. Our second son, Finn, was born in August of 2012. Finn is a sweet little boy with a very strong will to accompany his sweet spirit. He loves tractors, playing outside and doing whatever his big brother enjoys. I am having a blast being a wife and mother. I worked as a nurse at Children’s Mercy Hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 5 years. I left shortly after Jude was a patient in our unit to be closer to home, both physically and emotionally. I loved my job there and count it a privilege to have taken care of children and their families during some of their most vulnerable days. The challenge became a little too much for my time in life but my experiences there continue to keep me grateful for all the blessings I enjoy. I now work part-time in our newborn nursery in St. Joe and get another great privilege of caring for babies when they’re first born. It’s really an amazing job for this time in my life and I couldn’t ask for anything better.


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